Why Hire Wedding Planner?
By Christina Cruz of The Events Boutique

The Bride
Sissy-can you help me get dressed and just help me keep everyone on time the day of the wedding?  I’ve decided not to waste my money on a Wedding Planner. We can totally do it ourselves! We always planned our own parties at home. Mom can help too! Plus the venue said there will be a manager on site all night. It will be soo much fun!

The Wedding Day
Sissy – you need to get dressed and you need to help me get dressed! I can’t bustle myself up. Where’s mom? Can you check on dad? I bet he is hyperventilating somewhere. After all, his first born is getting married today! Where are my flowers? I’m pretty sure I gave them the correct address and time. Can you call them? I have the number somewhere. Is the officiant here yet? Have the groom and groomsmen arrived yet? Wait, where is mom? She said she would help us. What time is it? When do we start taking pictures? Where are the favors? You need to set up one at every place setting. There should be 250, I ordered 5 extra….. oh, before I forget-when you get to the front of the aisle, will you cue the musicians to change the music to the wedding march for me?

Planning and managing a wedding can be an overwhelming undertaking. Many times we hear that a friend or family member is going to be the wedding planner. Would you trust a professional electrician or a friend who has read “How to be an Electrician in 10 Easy Steps”? Your professional has an eye for creative details, a plan for what needs to be done and the experience to make your event flawless. Let your friends and family relax and enjoy your once in a lifetime day with you.

A Professional Wedding Planner is the leader of your team and makes sure every detail is taken care of from the very beginning to the end. After all, doesn’t every orchestra have a conductor; every Fortune 500 company have a CEO, and every team have a coach? Your wedding is no different. We will walk you through step by step and answer all your questions along the way. Your wedding planner will inform your caterer when it’s time to serve dinner, tell your DJ when to announce the cake cutting, show your photo booth where to set up, set up all 250 of your favors, and find Maid of Honor and Best Man when it’s time for the toasts. Oh, and we will cue your musicians when you go down the aisle so your sister doesn’t have to. Having a knowledgeable point person to manage the day is the solution to a stress free wedding for everyone involved.

Did you know that hiring a wedding planner early can save you time and money? We know your budget and we will help you stick to it. We make sure you get the best deals and discounts not usually available to private parties.  We can prevent you from making costly mistakes. Not long ago, securing the services of a professional wedding planner was thought of as a mere luxury.  Now a professional wedding planner is essential to ensure a well planned and well managed affair. This is a luxury that is affordable because of the different levels of wedding planning offered. A planner can arrange as little or as much as you need or are comfortable with.

There are wedding planners out there that do not cost outrageous amounts. Don’t just pick someone because of their price; it’s true you get what you paid for. All wedding planners start somewhere in their career, make sure they can handle your expectations for the wedding day. Make sure you interview the planner, check the planners’ experience, education and ask to see a portfolio. Look past all the bells and whistles. Can they make all your dreams into reality? You spent your whole life planning and dreaming. Guarantee those dreams become a reality and give yourself peace of mind.

Hire a Wedding Planner. You, your family, venue, and vendors will appreciate that a planner has been hired.


Once upon a time, a woman had sufficient time to plan the perfect fairy tale wedding. Although most women have careers and hectic schedules, they still dream about that perfect wedding. Fortunately, today’s busy bride can rely on the services of a professional wedding consultant.

Wedding consultants offer several degrees of assistance. The “day-of” coordinator assists in planning the wedding day agenda; contacts vendors to confirm schedules; attends the rehearsal; and is present at the wedding to manage activities. This is ideal for the bride that plans the wedding herself, but realizes that the stressful details of the wedding day are better left to a professional.

Consultants can also make all arrangements, including rehearsal dinners, showers, invitations, catering, limos, entertainment, rentals, flowers and more. They can provide creative ideas, solutions and unusual requests are welcome as well.




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