Your Time Table

Careful planning will enable you to truly enjoy every moment of your Wedding Day. Arrangements for a large formal wedding should ideally begin at least 8 – 12 months in advance. However, many beautiful weddings are put together in considerably less time. The important thing is to follow a timetable, read the articles in this guide and let your contracted suppliers help you. Share the planning duties with your fiancé, your family and your attendants — much of the fun is doing it together!

Six to Twelve Months

Decide budget; discuss sharing of expenses.
Decide type of wedding: a) formal, b) semi-formal, c) informal
Choose location of ceremony.
Discuss alternative dates with clergy or officiator.
Decide size of wedding party; choose attendants.
Select gown style.
Select veil style.
Select attendants & apparel.
Choose reception facility.
Select caterer/wedding consultant.
Plan details of reception.
Select photographer.
Have engagement photos taken.
Select music for reception.
Select videographer.
Select florist.
Compile guest list.
No. of Guests: Bride's _____________ Groom's ___________
Discuss gown colors & styles with mothers of bride & groom.


Four to Six Months

Select men's formal wear; order.
Select ceremony musician & music.
Make honeymoon plans with your Travel Agent.
Decide on new living arrangement; buying, leasing, renting?
Consult decorator about home decor.
Register gift preferences with one or more bridal registries.
Order invitations, personal stationary, programs, napkins, etc.
Stationer _________________ Del. date __________
Professionally prepare & print map to include with invitations.
Set aside hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
Have physical examinations & update immunizations.
Buy wedding rings; order engraving.


Two to Four Months

Reserve rental items (candelabra, arches, canopy, linens, etc.).
Arrange rehearsal dinner.
Shop for trousseau and apparel for honeymoon & prenuptial parties.
Reserve limousine, carriage, trolley or coach transportation.
Address wedding invitations; consider professional calligrapher.
Review florist arrangements; finalize order.
Buy attendants & gifts and gifts for each other.
Experiment with hairstyles and make-up changes.
Buy bride's and attendants' shoes; send to dyer.
Order wedding and groom's cakes.


One to Two Months

Mail invitations four to six weeks before wedding.
Final bridal fitting.
Final attendants & fittings.
Confirm honeymoon reservations, begin packing.
Select reception decorations (balloons, candles, flowers, table favors, etc.).
Select ceremony accessories (unity candle, ring pillow, guestbook, etc.).
Select personal accessories (handbag, garter, engraved goblets, guest mementos, etc.).
Arrange bridemaids & brunch or luncheon.
Schedule appointments for hair stylist, facial, manicure, massage.
Buy marriage license; have blood tests if needed.


Two Weeks

Invite wedding party & guests to rehearsal dinner.
Move your personal and mutual belongings to new home.
Review reception seating and order place cards from calligrapher.
Confirm out-of-town guests & lodging with reserved hotels.
Confirm wedding party transportation and arrival times.
Record gifts as you receive them; write thank you notes.
Schedule caterer for gift opening party.
Arrange for gown cleaning and bouquet preservation after wedding.


One to Two Weeks

Pick up wedding rings, check engravings and sizes.
Final consultations: Florist, hall decorator, musicians, photographer, videographer.
Give final guest count to reception facility and caterer.
Remind men to pick up formal wear and shoes; check for fit.
Make wedding day schedule and give everyone copies at rehearsal dinner.
Relax the day before; keep personal appointments; finish honeymoon packing.
Your planning is complete. Your day will be wonderful!!!





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