Weddings Become Marriages

Getting Married should be about the Marriage and not about the Wedding.

So many Brides get caught up in planning a perfect Wedding, they don’t think about the “Ever After”.

I am a firm believer in Marriage and living “Happily Ever After”.

That doesn’t mean that everything in your life after your Wedding will always be perfect, but if your expectations aren’t unrealistic

you can have a very happy life together.

When you go through the good times, it is so wonderful to have someone to share and enjoy those times with, and when times are tough,

you have someone by your side to help you, and you can work through them together.

The secret is, not having any secrets from each other.

That doesn’t mean that you need to report to each other on every little detail of your life, but that you always share your feelings and opinions

with each other about the important things.

You can agree to disagree, but at least you are talking and sharing.

Pick your battles carefully, everything is not worth fighting about.

Starting with the day you say “I Do” to each other, work together as a unit and you can accomplish so much more in life.

Don’t try to change each other, just accept each others faults and focus on your strengths.

Work to bring out the best in your partner, and allow them to bring out the best in you as well.

Always make time for each other, and remember why you fell in love, and you should stay in love for the rest of your lives.

A few “Words of Wisdom”
shared with you from
Debbie Christensen, Publisher
of The Wedding Guide.




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