Wedding Favors

Presenting a wedding day token is an adaptation of a 16th century French custom that was generally reserved for royalty. The objects given to guests at a royal wedding were originally of great value – gold, precious stones,
mother of pearl, or porcelain. As the tradition was introduced into society, gifts of lace, glass or confections were substituted.

Today’s wedding guests often receive mementos that can be enjoyed at home as a remembrance of your special day. Mementos can be placed at each dinner plate where guests will be delighted to find this little gift to take home.

Sugar coated almonds tied in netting can be placed by each plate. Chocolate roses, medallions or truffles are becoming very popular. Monogrammed, foil wrapped chocolates, mints and special candies can be used in a variety of ways
to sweeten your wedding reception, bridal showers, grooms dinners and as “thank you” gifts to wedding guests and special people who help with services. Truffles in individually wrapped boxes are a great “take home” remembrance
of this special day.

Fresh flowers used for centerpieces may later be given to guests as they depart. Satin or lace roses filled with potpourri serve as a sachet when taken home. Other creative ideas: a mini-bottle of cider or champagne with personalized
labels, a packet of flower seeds, or a gift that reminds the guests of a special hobby or interest the two of you share.

Personalized with your names or initials and wedding date, guest mementos add a charming touch to the festivities and make your wedding even more memorable to those who attend.




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