Tuxedo Tips

By Rick Porcaro,  www.go2rentatux.com

Weddings today offer couples the opportunity to celebrate and commit to their love, and more and more couples are actively seeking ways to go beyond what’s traditional and express their personalities.
The men’s formalwear industry has kept up with the ever changing trends…

The Classic Black Tuxedo: this style remains the most popular option in a two button, single breasted satin inset lapel with a dash of color on the vest and tie.
The High Fashion Tuxedo: represents that sleek, unique look while maintaining a formal look for your wedding.
The Traditional Men’s Formalwear: this has various selections, such as the white or ivory dinner jacket; normally worn in the spring and summer months, typically in a garden or tropical destination wedding.
The Cutaway: a grey morning suit worn for a.m. formal weddings, until noon.
The Stroller: a traditional jacket worn for semi-formal daytime weddings, until 6 p.m.
White Tie and Tails: a black full dress tail jacket, worn with a white wing collar shirt, and white vest and tie, and occasionally with white gloves. This look is proper after 6 p.m.
Accessories: this is where all the fun begins, you can select from thousands of different vest and tie options, from the classic black to as mild or wild as you want to be.
Fabrics: this is where the rental or retail prices will vary; there are many fabric options for you to choose from, from the basic wool to the many super wools.
Choose your look: The tuxedo ensemble should always complement the bride and bridesmaids.
The tuxedo is also a reflection of the groom’s personality, so put as much thought into your choice as your bride does into her wedding gown. Remember this is also your special day. Follow these tips, to make your
wedding day trouble free…

Always try on your tuxedo at your first fitting and at the pick up of your rental.
Never order your tuxedo from a catalog, if you can not see the tuxedo or feel the fabric at the store, you will always be disappointed with what you receive.
Register your wedding with a men’s formalwear specialist and not a clothing company or dress company.
Request to pick up your tuxedo rental at least two days before your wedding day.
There are many other tips involved in tuxedo selection. For further information, contact your local tuxedo specialist.





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