Theme Your Wedding With Style

Your wedding is your perfect day, one that should be a reflection of your style, ideas and attitudes.
Bring together all your ideas and dreams accumulated over your lifetime. Begin by thinking about what
appeals to you.
Are you a romantic at heart? Do you love a country garden? Would you prefer a Victorian or
Renaissance setting? How about a contemporary art deco look or a tropical beach theme?

Start looking around your home. What colors do you like? What dress styles compliment your figure?
What table settings appeal to you? Gather ideas that spark your imagination. Keep a notebook of your
ideas. Cut out magazine photos that have color combinations that excite you, dress styles you like,
table settings that evoke imagination, flower arrangements and objects that catch your eye. Look in
fabric stores for colors & textures that catch your eye.
Look around your home – what is your style there? What colors and patterns do you surround yourself
with? Ideas can be garnered from many sources: galleries, with their different shapes and designs;
nurseries, with their riotous colors; window displays, fabric shops and boutiques. Everything you see,
and love, should be a source of inspiration.

To determine your style, notice what you repeated and what colors stand out. Was there a theme to
your pictures? A pattern that says “you?” Is there a mix of contemporary, but lacy; formal, but floral;
romantic, but colorful?
There are images and moods that will reinforce your style.

To personalize, add objects that set the stage or have a personal meaning to you. A birdcage for a
garden setting, old hat boxes for a romantic feeling, cherubs for the alter. Piece these random
thoughts and ideas together to from a creative plan for your Wedding Theme – a style that says “you!”





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