The Catering Choice

The question of whether or not to use a caterer, a restaurant, or fix your own food is more a matter of choice than cost. It’s difficult to plan, buy food, rent goods, prepare, serve and clean-up after a party and really enjoy going to the party. Friends who could help out prefer to be guests instead of volunteer workers.

Caterers are sometimes called “wedding consultants” for good reason. So much of the wedding revolves around the reception and serving your guests that it becomes the all important task of the caterer to see to all the details of the party.

It makes little difference if your party is for 50 or 500, your caterer should give you an opportunity to order as many or as few of his/her services as you require or as your budget allows. Do not be bashful — ask what is included! You should expect a complete written quotation covering the selected food, services, and extras you have ordered and their cost. Know in advance what you are getting and the total cost. Be prepared to pay a deposit in advance for the caterer to begin ordering your services, food and servers.

A catered rehearsal dinner is an excellent idea. It can be as formal or as casual as your setting and budget dictate. The gift opening party (usually the day after the wedding) is another occasion for which a caterer should be strongly considered. Parents of the bride and groom really have no time to prepare these parties themselves and still enjoy the wedding.

A professional caterer will help you plan your menu according to your wishes and budget and can supply almost all of the party needs including table covering, dishes, silver, ice, music, servers and clean-up people. He/she has the experience to really help you present a successful party with very little stress and worry.




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