Thank You Notes

One of your duties as newlyweds is to acknowledge each and every wedding gift with a hand-written note of appreciation.
Write your notes on plain white or pastel paper, perhaps with borders, but simple enough to maintain the dignity of the
Wedding occasion. Mono-grammed stationery is also an elegant touch.

To help keep a record of gifts received, you can use a bridal book, an ordinary notebook, or a box of notecards.
Allow space for the name of the giver, the description of the gift, and the date the thank you note was sent.
The easiest method is to combine your invitation list and your gift list on the same page; this way, addresses are readily available,
and you only have to add two additional columns.

Ideally, you should write each note as the gift arrives, so that you won’t get behind. Regardless, however, all thank you notes MUST be
sent within three months after your wedding.In circumstances where a prompt note is impossible (such as a large wedding of over 250 guests),
a printed acknowledgement is acceptable but always followed by a hand-written note.

Since most gifts are sent to the bride, it is she who usually writes AND signs the notes, making a reference to the groom (“...John and I appreciated...”).
In some cases, where the gift-giver is a stranger to the bride or a close friend of the groom’s, it is correct for the groom to do the honors.

Always mention the specific gift. Most of all, be warm and appreciative, remembering that the gift-giver spent extra time and energy to choose something special for you both.




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