How To Select A Photo Booth Company

By Patrick of


Having a photo booth at a wedding reception has been the hot new thing for a few years. It provides entertainment and wedding favors
for your guests, and the scrapbook becomes a picture guestbook! Many new photo booth rental companies are popping up and they are
not all the same. Like every other product or service you are considering for one of the most important days of your life, you really get
what you pay for. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a photo booth for your wedding.


1)    A Spacious Photo Booth – While the boxy, chuck-e-cheese style photo booth is nostalgic and cute, it is not practical at all.
Typically only 2 or 3 people can squeeze into them. You want to be able to get a family or your entire bridal party in the booth for some
great action shots!

2)    No Branding On The Booth – Many companies have their logo all over their photo booth. How tacky is that? The event should be
about the bride and groom, not about vendors trying to promote their business to your guests.  

3)    High-speed Printer – Most photo booth rental companies use slow inkjet printers (45-60 seconds for each print). You’ll end up with
a 30 minute line at the booth the entire reception and end up with far less photo strips. Companies who use high-speed printers will make
a point to mention it on their website and price list.

4)    High Quality Pictures - Some companies use cheap digital cameras with poor lighting. All you need to do is look at their sample photos.
You can also ask for sample prints to be mailed to you.

5)    Backdrops – Ask if you have a choice of backdrop colors that will compliment your style. You don’t want to be stuck with a red backdrop
if your bridesmaids are wearing green dresses!

6)    Online Hosting – Make sure your photo booth company has a user-friendly service for hosting your photos. Some offer special features
such as the ability for guests to download their digital images for free, email the pix to others, upload straight to their Facebook and Twitter
accounts, order prints and merchandise with their photos on them!







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