If you have decided on a garden wedding… or have rented an unfurnished hall, you will find yourself in need of some expert advice on setting up your reception or celebration party. Visit a rental store that specializes in party rentals. Many offer staff consultants to help you with every detail of arranging a truly comfortable and elegant event. They can supply all of your chairs, tables, linens, china, crystal, and silverware needs. You will find beautiful serving accessories too, from champagne fountains to elegant silver chafing dishes.

A fully equipped rental store will have a wide selection of appropriate wedding accessories including: arches and Choupas’s, kneeling benches, candelabra in assorted sizes and configurations, plant stands, aisle runners and standards, wedding canopies, gazebos, artificial greenery and flowers.

Tell your rental specialists how many guests you’ve invited and the square footage of the room where your event will be held. With this information they can accurately plan your seating and serving arrangements. If you’re planning an outdoor reception, you may want to rent a tent, possibly even a section of wooden flooring for dancing. A deposit may be required to reserve specific pieces. Schedule tentative delivery, set-up and pick-up times, and don’t forget to confirm these dates the week before the wedding.

A word about renting . . . charges are usually for time out, whether used or not. Most prices quoted are for a one day charge and you will be responsible for set up and knock down of all items rented unless you make special arrangements with your rental store. Your rental professionals will provide you with everything you will need to create a truly memorable affair. Trust their advice . . . they plan more parties in a year than most people plan in a lifetime.





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