Make-Up and Color

Your wedding day will surely be one of the most beautiful days of your life. Your assurance that you will look your best is to begin a health and beauty regimen based on an expert consultation several weeks before your wedding. At a beauty consultation, your consultants will advise you about skin care; manicures to show off your special jewelry; body care for an over all velvety feeling; hair care for a healthy, bouncy look (its important to have your hair styled one month prior); and planning your wedding day beauty schedule.

Whether your skin is “normal, oily, or dry”, you’ll learn proper cleansing and care techniques that will give you a radiant, natural glow. Your beauty consultant will help you choose make-up colors which are best for your skin tones. Remember that your eyes are the focal point of your face. Eye make-up should be subtle; use just enough to enhance your natural eye color.

A color consultation will help you select the“right white” for your wedding dress, as well as the most flattering colors for your bridesmaids’ gowns and flowers. Carefully chosen colors will complement the bridesmaids’ skin, hair and eyes; this will also create the correct color background for the bride. And, now is the time to learn which colors are best for you - before you invest in trousseau lingerie and a honeymoon wardrobe!

During the week before your wedding, get as much rest as possible. Pamper yourself with a beauty bath; take your headpiece to your hairdresser for a final styling session; choose a light fragrance to wear; have a manicure. Many beauty consultants feature a special “wedding day” service, coming to you to help everyone prepare for the photo session and happy day ahead. Whether or not you choose this service, having implemented the advice of beauty and color consultants will help you to feel relaxed and confident that you'll look picture perfect for your wedding day!





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