Fun Facts


There used to be a good reason for the bride to stand at the altar at the left hand of the groom and on the way out of the church, to be on his left arm. It was not just a meaningless matter of etiquette. It enabled the groom to keep his right (and sword) hand free to defend his bride and himself from attack and capture by jealous rivals.

BRIDAL PHOTOS: The first photograph of a bride was made in 1854 by a pair of ‘daguerreotypists’ named Southworth & Hawes. Have you selected your Daguerreotypist yet?

THE TOAST: In days of yore, a piece of toasted bread was placed in the bottom of a wine goblet which was then passed to every guest. The last to receive it was the honored lady. She ate the wine soaked toast and received everyone’s compliments. The custom of sharing a drink then became known as a toast. The traditional toast to the newlyweds is “Health, Wealth and Happiness.”





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