Enjoy the Bridal Shows in 2018

by Debbie Christensen, Publisher

As a Bride, you should take advantage of Bridal shows, and attend at least a couple of them, with your husband-to-be, Moms
or some of your Bridal party.

The shows can be a lot of fun as well as informative.  You can talk to a variety of different Wedding services, get some new ideas,
and have some of your questions answered all in one day, at one location, within just a few hours.

However, not all Bridal shows are created equal!

It is a good idea to contact the facility in which the show is being held, or the producers, prior to the show, to get a list of the vendors
participating in the show.  The exhibitors should be listed on the show producers website, along with directions, fashion show times
and other information to help you plan the day before arriving. 

There is usually a charge to attend a Bridal show, but if you pre-register for a Bridal show, most times you will receive a discount on
the entry fee, and sometimes pre-printed mailing labels for you to use at the show.

When you attend a Bridal show, to make your life much easier, and for a more enjoyable experience, always remember to
BRING MAILING LABELS, with your name and mailing address on them.

If you have time you can make labels, including your name, mailing address, e-mail address, wedding date and grooms name. 
Almost every booth will have something to fill out with your information for some type of give-away.

I only know of one Bridal show producer who gives these labels to Brides if you register in advance, and it is such a great idea. 
It really makes registering for give-aways so much easier for both the Brides filling out the cards, and the vendors trying to read
their writing! 

It is also a really good idea to have a separate e-mail address just for collecting your Wedding information.
This will keep you organized with everything to do with your Wedding in one mailbox, and separate from your other e-mail.

You want to be able to view a few different photographers Bridal books, watch videos of other Weddings ceremonies and receptions,
taste samples of cake, see DJ’s in action, get ideas for your flowers, and see a lot of products and services that you hadn’t even
thought of!

A lot of vendors offer discounts, or free merchandise when you book them from a Bridal show.  There is usually a fashion show to enjoy. 
Although you might not find your gown or bridesmaids dresses from the show, it’s fun to watch and get ideas of what styles you may
want to consider.  Prizes are almost always given out before and after the fashion show, and usually you need to be present to win. 
Sometimes these are some great prizes given out by the vendors participating in the show.

The larger Bridal shows can be a bit overwhelming for newly engaged Brides, but they can be a lot of fun.

Sometimes, the smaller shows are better for crossing things off your “To Do” list, because it is easier talking to the vendors when it’s not
so busy. Or, at the larger shows during the fashion show, or late in the day when the crowd dies down.

You should mark the business cards of the people you want to contact later for a consultation.  Even though you think you will remember
them, sometimes it’s hard to remember everyone that you talked to after the show.

The Wedding Guide attends all of the Bridal shows in the South Bay, Long Beach, Los Angeles  and Orange County areas.

Be sure to stop by our booth to say “Hi” and to pick up the newest copy of our Wedding Guide publication.


Happy planning, and we will see you at the next Bridal show...







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