Choosing Your Professional Photographer

Choose your professional photographer carefully, because this is the person who will record the special moments and events of one of the most exciting days of your life. In order to be well informed about the service and comparable costs, here are items to discuss with each photographer interviewed:

• Price is not the most important item. Look for quality and creativity.

• Confirm the name of the photographer who will be assigned to you. Ask to see samples of his/her work, and decide if the quality and style of this person is suitable and appealing to you.

• Do you prefer candid or posed shots? Communicate your preferences to the photographer.

• Will formal photographs be taken before or after the ceremony? Does the photographer agree with your decision?

• How long will the photographer stay at the reception?

• Ask for references; call several.

• Find out exactly what is included in the price quoted. Get a detailed breakdown in writing.

• Who will own the proofs and negatives? How long will they be kept on file?

• What are the costs for extra photos? Does the price include a finished album?

• Is there a charge for cancellation? What is the payment schedule?

Your photographer can be a source of general wedding information and helpful ideas. Be sure to choose someone that you are personally comfortable with so that you will enjoy working together to capture the memories of this day to treasure forever.





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