Ceremony Sequence of Events

Take note of the order and timing of the following events…

1. Seating of the Guests
Pre-ceremonial music as the ushers seat the guests. Music usually begins
15 minutes before the ceremony.

2. Seating of Parents
After the guests are present and seated, the groom’s parents are escorted to
their seats. The bride’s mother is the last to be seated. The bride’s father
is waiting with the bride.

3. Groom Takes His Place
The officiant, ushers, best man and groom take their positions.

4. Attendants’ Procession
The processional music for the bridesmaids, maid or matron of honor, flower
girl & ring bearer, begins as they are ready to walk down the aisle.

5. Bridal Procession
Following the attendants, the bride’s father offers the bride his right arm
as they begin down the aisle. Music is played and the guests rise in honor
of the bride.

6. The Exchange of Vows
Traditional vows may be exchanged or you may write your own personal vows to

7. Music With Ceremony
Music is played during the candle-lighting or other non-verbal portion of
the ceremony.

8. The Ring Exchange
Be sure to know where your rings are before you go down the aisle!

9. The Kiss
Have Fun!

10. The Introductions
At the end of the ceremony, the officiant may introduce the newlyweds to the
guests as the new Mr. & Mrs.

11. The Recessional
The bride and groom lead the wedding party back down the aisle.





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