Bride's Emergency Kit

To create your emergency kit, decorate a basket in coordinating colors.
As you think of all the possible things that could solve your wedding day
emergencies, take the items and put them in your basket. Also, consider
having a “personal attendant” to help you and your wedding party dress
before the ceremony.

The Bride will need these items:

Fingernail polish: one bottle in your color, and one in your attendants colors
Anti-static cling spray, spot remover
Mirror, brush, comb, hairspray, bobby-pins, safety-pins
Deodorant and talcum powder
Extra blush, powder, waterproof mascara, eye-shadow, lipstick, facial
tissues, wet washcloths in plastic bag
Hair dryer and curling iron
Sewing kit with thread to match formal wear and all gowns
Telephone list of everyone in the wedding party and all suppliers & services
Plastic bags for quick clean-ups
Shopping bags for attendants clothes
Money for last minute errands





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