Beach Weddings

Southern California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and many couples find it perfect to have their wedding along the coast. From a toes in the sand to an overlook, couples can have a picturesque beach ceremony.

Planning a ceremony along the coast can be a challenge as each City, County and State beach has different rules and regulations. These regulations may range from the number of guests allowed, to the type of decorations or structures that may be set up or may not be allowed at all.

A walk on ceremony would consist of the couple, officiant, and a few guests. There would be no chairs, arch, or structures
of any kind. There may be flowers. For most locations, no permit would be required for this type of ceremony except
Laguna Beach which requires permits on all their beaches.

For a set-up, there could be chairs, an arch, sound system, etc. This would require getting a permit through the respective governing body. This process could take anywhere from minutes to weeks to finalize the permit. Understanding how to get
the correct permit and insurance for the desired location can be a bit of a challenge. Once the date, time and location is set
then you can plan the details. Work with your budget to add extras.

Utilizing a company that specializes in beach weddings is essential to make sure that the proper rules and regulations are followed. These companies have done all the homework and have existing relationships with the appropriate entities. It also makes it easier as these companies have all the resources to make it all come together seamlessly. They make it come together so all the couple and their family has to do is show up and say “I Do”.          By Alan Katz,




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