A Garden Wedding

It is no secret that, at one time or another, every bride-to-be has dreamt of a garden wedding. Whether she has grown up in a big urban city or small rural town, the thought of an outdoor wedding conjures up feelings of romance and happiness.

The wonderful thing about a garden wedding is that it can be simple or elaborate. Whatever the budget, an outdoor ceremony can be truly magical. Imagine walking down a long white runner sprinkled with rose petals, hearing the birds sing overhead, and seeing the man of your dreams standing under a lower-filled gazebo. Or if the wedding is to take place after sundown, twinkling white lights in the trees and around the gazebo can add a specialtouch.

Location and atmosphere are especially important for an outdoor wedding. The bridal couple should look for a place that can accommodate a wedding. Whether they are interested in having it at a hotel, park, or country club, they should be sure to check out what facilities are readily available. And most importantly, the location must have a few good spots for professional photographs to be taken before and after the ceremony. For example, photographs in front of a gazebo or a pool always come out beautifully. So if you are planning a wedding and cannot decide where to have it, check out your local outdoor wedding facilities. A garden wedding can be even more romantic and beautiful than you’ve ever imagined it to be!





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