Top Reasons To Hire A Coordinator

by Linsey,

  1. We help you ask the right questions when it comes to vendor research.
    Every type of vendor is different and it helps to let our experience work for you when you meet with them. We ask the questions you didn’t think about. For example, do they need their own power source? The list goes on and on...

  2. Save time doing research!
    We make vendor research easy because we already have relationships in the industry. By utilizing our long list of preferred vendors, you don’t have to go looking for vendors yourself! Plus, our preferred vendors are on our list because we love working with them and vice versa. You will have peace of mind that your team consists of professionals who will show up on time and be prepared to give you great service which makes a great Wedding.

  3. We know how to organize your timeline so makes sense & works for your vendors.
    Running on schedule is our goal, we still stay flexible and read the crowd while working with your vendors involved to smooth out any surprises behind the scenes.

  4. We can be your outside opinion, voice of reason, and the middle man.
    Not sure how to respond to all the family throwing their opinions at you? Bring their “recommendations” to us and we can give you our professional (and therapeutic) advice so you can make the right decision for you. We help you save money, and we recycle stuff! Every event is different, but sometimes we can help you prioritize, combine vendors, adjust pack- ages, and negotiate contracts to help you stick to the budget that you were hoping for. Also, some of our preferred vendors offer our couples special pricing.

  5. We make sure every detail is set and utilized.
    Brides spend a lot of time working out the details and creating beautiful DIY projects. We make sure that each item is placed out and utilized properly.

  6. We make sure you eat, drink, and be married!
    A lot of couples are so busy during their event that they don’t get a chance to eat the food that they spent so much time, money and energy picking out! We make sure you have minimal distractions and get to enjoy your first dinner together as a married couple. For buffet din- ners, we even bring the food to you saving you a little extra time!

  7. We make sure you don’t lose your stuff.
    We do your set up and your clean up so items are placed right back into the same box they came in. We are also the last to leave an event, so any items that are found by the venue clean up staff get found and returned to you. We help you enjoy your day more by taking care of you. We take care of all the details so you and your family don’t have to.

  8. We aren’t here to enjoy the party... we are here to make sure that you do!
    t is always nice when family members offer to help, but they also want to enjoy the celebration. Don’t stress your family out by making them work all night!
    They want to spend time with out-of-town guests. They don’t want to worry about where we are on the timeline or what still needs to be set up. Also, you will have peace of mind that your breakable cake topper will be in good hands. We are invested in making sure everything goes well and will not be distracted by family and friends (or the open bar). We want your family to relax and enjoy the Wedding as much as you!

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